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    How to Avoid a Dog Bite | Dogs and Puppies

    Articlegeneral dog adviceThursday 07 April 2011

    Dogs are friendly most of the time, but it is important that you remember they are instinctively wild animals and might bite if provoked. This article will give you some dog advice that should help you avoid dog bites.



    Prevent a Dog Bite – Top Tips

    • If you meet a new dog do not stroke it straight away let it smell you and become acquainted with you. This should make the dog feel safe and less likely to bite you through fear.


    • If you are thinking about buying a dog then do some research into the temperaments of different breeds. This is particularly important if you have young children who might be overly playful and is essential in minimising the chances of dog bites.


    • Do not stare at a dog as it will make him uneasy and think you are challenging him.


    • Another bit of advice to avoid dog bites is to keep calm, make no sudden movements or raise your voice.


    • Do not disturb a dog when he is sleeping as this could startle him and cause him to lash out.


    • Do not touch a dog when it is eating, the dog might think you are going to steal his food and this will not please him.


    • Do not tease a dog if you want to avoid getting a dog bite. Just like humans dogs can have a bad day and sometimes they just aren’t in the mood.


    • Do not threaten a dog you do not know and avoid kicking or pulling at a dogs tail. Never annoy a dog or you might get more than you bargain for.


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