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    How To Breed Cockapoo Puppies

    Articlegeneral dog adviceTuesday 07 May 2013

    Cockapoo puppies are created by breeding a poodle with a cocker spaniel and often the resulting cockapoos carry desirable traits of both breeds including high intelligence, a low shedding coat, lots of energy and an excellent temperament.

    Cockapoos make great pets and for more information, read our Cockapoo Breed Guide.

    Breeding cockapoo puppies can be very rewarding so read on to find out more.



    Breeding Cockapoos

    • Although it is unlikely you will get rich from breeding cockapoos, it is very rewarding and you should be able to make some return. You should not breed cockapoo puppies solely for financial reasons however. The first thing you should do when breeding cockapoo puppies is to make sure both the parents are healthy and free from genetic conditions.
    • Cockapoos are people orientated dogs and will need large amounts of human contact to prevent unwanted behaviours. When cockapoo puppies are very young, they will require near 24hr care so it is important to be aware of this.
    • When breeding two cockapoos together, there are certain costs involved. Unless you own two cockapoos you will need to pay stud fees and you will also have to buy premium puppy food, pay for vaccinations and pay for all other vet costs.
    • Female cockapoos will go through two heat cycles per year and you should attempt to breed cockapoo puppies during her first cycle. You will know when your cockapoo is in heat because there will be a clear discharge followed by bleeding. You need to allow 10 days or so of bleeding and then lightly scratch her back in front of the tail. If she lifts her tail, she is ready.
    • When the two cockapoos are mating, it might be a good idea to hold the female’s head to prevent her from biting. Allow the dogs to do what’s necessary and they will walk away on their own. Don’t try to separate the two cockapoos.
    • As said, cockapoo puppies will need round the clock care when they are newborn and you also need to be in close contact with a vet before and after birth. Ensure that your home is ready for cockapoo puppies by following our guide. The cockapoo puppies for sale need to have plenty of room to play and sleep.
    • Once you have bred the cockapoos, you will need to advertise the cockapoo puppies for sale. You can place an ad to sell puppies for free here on Dogs and Puppies. Our guide to Sell Puppies Online may be of use.

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