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    How to bring up a Boxer?

    Articlegeneral dog adviceTuesday 30 August 2011

    Boxer dog is active and very intelligent animal. It is also a loyal companion so training it should not result complicated. They are playful and curious dogs, they are likely to smash you with their energy! One should bear in mind that Boxer dog should be trained since the first day at home in order to prevent the unwanted behaviour. To read more about the breed characteristics click here. Below you can find tips on how to train a boxer dog.

    Boxers are very sociable animals and they are loyal to humans. They do get along with other animals and like to play with children. Remember that each time your Boxer behaves well, you should reward it with a treat. First of all, Boxers should get rid of the excess of their energy. Daily walk might result not enough to get it out of your puppy. You should use these moments to play with your dog and also train it to follow your orders. Try to train your dog with your relatives so your Boxer will learn to follow other people’s commands. Never let your dog doubt what is the correct behaviour. If you permit your dog once to do something it is not allowed, it is likely to repeat it as Boxers are quite stubborn.

    From the first day your Boxer puppy is at home, use commands to teach it several things: choose a cue word or phrase to communicate the food time, walking time etc. Boxers are intelligent animals and they will learn very fast if you use the same command. If you want your dog to respect you, you should show your puppy who the leader in the house is. Never tolerate an inappropriate behaviour (barking, chewing things, urinating indoors, running from you, jumping on the sofa etc.). Repetition certain commands and behaviours might be crucial to get your Boxer dog learns how to act.

    To read more about Boxers click here.

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