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    How To Build A Dog Kennel By Yourself?

    Articlegeneral dog adviceThursday 19 May 2011

    An outdoor dog kennel is vital for anyone owing a dog. It gives your dog lots of room to run and a place where it can rest, eat and sleep, its private area where it can has its own rules. Building a kennel yourself is definitely more economic than buying a pre-built one and can also be a fun project for kids to help with.

    There are portable and plastic kennels, wooden dog crate or a metal dog cage. You can build the outdoor kennel for your dog by yourself, just gather all the necessary materials and follow few simple steps:

    Step 1: measure how big the kennel has to be so your dog can feel comfortable (like humans, dogs can suffer various muscle and neck contractions)

    Step 2: get the best quality materials to build it – remember your kennel must be able to stand up against changeable weather conditions and also be safe for your dog health.

    Step 3: outline a building plan and start working!

    Bear in mind that…

    ...You should not leave a dog in cold weather in a kennel that is too large as his body heat will not be sufficient to keep the kennel warm.

    ...Dogs should not stay kennelled for long period of times as it is conducive to bad behavior, and a poorly adjusted pet (play with him, do some dog training etc.)

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