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    How to buy a Golden Retriever puppy?

    Articlegeneral dog adviceThursday 17 November 2011

    Adding a new puppy to your family can be and in fact is wonderful experience. Golden Retrievers dogs are a nice all-around breed, but as all pets its purchasing should be acquired carefully and thoughtfully. With a little knowledge, purchasing a Golden Retriever puppy can be easy and rewarding. Read the article below to learn more on how to buy Golden Retriever puppies.

    First of all, do some research and find a reputable Golden Retriever dog breeder. You can talk to friends who have dogs, call a local breeding club, or ask a respected veterinarian for suggestions. It is important you get references. A good dog breeder will always want to meet the person considering buying one of their puppies. Professional dog breeders see their dogs as part of the family and they want what's best for them. You should visit your puppy's birthplace. When looking for a puppy, always insist on going to where the puppy was raised. Seeing the environment where the dogs are living can tell you a lot about their care and how they have been socialized so far. The breeder should also be able to let you see both parents. Be sure the parents are not inbred or linebred, which means that at some point, both parents would appear on both sides of the puppy's family tree. Interact with them as well, paying attention to the characteristics and demeanor of both dogs.

    You should learn what the needs of Golden Retrievers are. This dog breed needs socialization, exercise, and room to run and play. You should dedicate some time to read about the dog breed, you might use our Golden Retriever dog breed here.

    Remember to examine the puppy. A healthy puppy should have a clean, smooth coat, its eyes should be clear and bright, its nose should be cool and damp, and its ears should be clean. A thin puppy with a bulging belly could have worms. Its breathing should be steady with no coughing or wheezing. It should also have a smooth gait and lots of energy. It is a must that you check medical records for the puppy and the parents. See if your puppy has had the proper shots and been wormed. Pay attention to the medical records of the parents. Golden retrievers are generally quite healthy breeds if purchased from a reliable breeder. Common health concerns for this breed include hip or elbow dysplasia, eye disease, and heart disease. Although health issues can't always be predicted, healthy parents and good veterinary care can minimize the risk.

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    Text source: ehow, image source: dailypuppy

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