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    How to buy a puppy online safely?

    Articlegeneral dog adviceMonday 07 November 2011

    There are many websites that are allowing people to buy and sell puppies online. Buying a puppy online offers so much appeal, as you are able to choose the exact type of dogs that you want, rather than hoping that a breeder will have what you're looking for. However, it's important to be careful in order to respect all the animals and keep them healthy and safe. If you are thinking about buying a puppy online, read the article below with things you should consider.

    Once you see the puppy you have dreamt of, ask questions about the health of the puppy. Make sure to find out information about its parents and keep in mind that the puppy should be at least six weeks of age when you purchase it, and it probably will not be ready to ship out until it is at least eight weeks old. This information, as well as anything else you may be wondering, is very important to know before you agree to purchase the puppy online. Before you buy a puppy online from a breeder, obtain its kennel name, telephone number and exact location. Always confirm all the details.

    Make sure to find out the exact price, including shipping, etc. If you have agreed to purchase the dog without finding out the shipping cost, you might have to pay it. Remember that the best thing that you can do is ask questions in regards to price. Never purchase a puppy online if the breeder does not agree to provide you with a health guarantee. Health guarantees are usually provided for up to one year. Before you buy a puppy online, it's always important to make sure that this is included in the information or you should ask otherwise. Make sure that the breeder will also provide you with a health certificate from a veterinarian. Once you have received this certificate, contact the veterinarian to make sure that it is legitimate.

    IMPORTANT: If the seller has a lot of other puppies for sale, it's likely that they he/she is running a puppy mill. Never buy puppies that are offered at very low price. Remember that buying puppies from such places only increases the puppy mill problems.

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