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    How to buy Christmas gifts for a dog?

    Articlegeneral dog adviceMonday 17 October 2011

    Dogs are happy animals all-year-round, however the excitement on Christmas is probably the same as humans. Every family pet, dog, cat participates in the gift-wrap tearing and treat eating. And as everyone gets their presents you should make sure your dog will also get something under the Christmas Tree. As always, remember to provide your pooch with healthy and stimulating treats that will keep it happy all year round. Read the article below to learn how to buy Christmas gifts for a dog.

    You might think of providing your dog with some extra warming gadgets, such as a heated dogbed that will be both comforting for puppies and soothing for arthritic older dogs. A microwavable insert gives control on the temperature and there are no worries about chewed electrical cords. You can also bake something special for your dog. Pick up one of many dog-treat cookbooks and make a special Christmas treat for your puppy. Remember that all the treats should be made of top-quality ingredients. Be careful as they can smell so good in your oven that you may want to munch one yourself. There are many free recipes online, you can try to bake your own dog biscuits or cooke cutter.

    If you own a small dog or older one, you might get pet steps, such as carpeted treads and three steps to help get them up on the bed or sofa, making cuddling with you easier. If you have a bigger dog, you might think of lifting up the feeding area by providing a raised food bowl station. You can get these very popular benches at any pet store or online. 

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