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    How to Buy Dogs for Sale

    Articlegeneral dog adviceThursday 07 April 2011

    Buying a dog is a life changing decision; therefore it is essential potential dog owners consider the different options for buying a dog and then carry out the necessary procedures once the dog is bought. In order to gain some tips on buying dogs, read on.




    Tips on Buying a Dog




    • Decide what breed would be best for your location and lifestyle. What is the size of your living space? Think what size dog would be suitable for your living space. Do you lead an active lifestyle and looking for a dog which can join you? Do you live in a noisy part of town? Some breeds are easily frightened by noise. Look at our list of breeds on Dogs and Puppies.


    • Choose a seller. Think of the type of dog you are looking for if you are buying a pedigreed dog, it's important to choose a reputable breeder. Or you may find giving a dog from a shelter rewarding, so it is best you find shelters in your local area. Browse ad’s placed by seller’s here on Dogs and Puppies.



    • Figure out the costs before agreeing to acquire the dog, to save the unfortunate situation of not being able to finance the dog and seeing the dog being re-homed.


    • Buying your dog. Ask the previous owner for detailed information about the dog, such as vaccinations, health certificates for the dog’s parents and a pedigree certificate (if it exists). Remember that if you choose to buy from a shelter they often offer neutering, spraying and microchipping when you buy.


    • Finally, by English law your dog must wear an identification tag, otherwise you may encounter a large fine.


    Browse dogs for sale on Dogs and Puppies.

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