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    How to calm down your dog during fireworks?

    Articlegeneral dog adviceWednesday 26 October 2011

    Many dogs can get upset by loud noises such as thunder, gunfire or fireworks. Many of them pace, whine, or cower in your lap or under the bed. Some dogs might become hysterical and try to escape their yards or the house. As the Bonfire Night is just right the corner, read this article to know how to calm down your dog during fireworks and what to do to make your pooch relaxed.

    The best solution is probably to shelter your pooch from the sights and sounds of fireworks so it doesn't become upset and stressed. You can read some useful tips in the article here. However, if all the advice about how to prevent your dog from getting anxious during fireworks does not work and your dog becomes upset around fireworks, there are several ways to calm it down. First of all, you might try to train your dog to associate fireworks with something positive. Play a recording of fireworks and reward the dog with a favorite treat or toy. Start with a few seconds of the noise at a relatively low volume and build up the length of time and volume of the recording. This counter-conditioning can help dogs overcome their fears and get used to the sound of fireworks. Wrap the dog in a vest made to reduce thunderstorm anxiety. Several brands of vests are available that wrap tightly around the dog's torso. The noise of fireworks is very similar to that of thunderstorms, so it would be expected that such vests would work for a fireworks phobia as well.

    Another option is to plug in a dog pheromone. That's a device that looks like a plug-in air freshener that releases the same pheromone released by nursing dogs to calm puppies. The pheromone is odorless to humans but has a calming effect on many dogs. Finally, get your vet to help you with your dog's fears and give it anti-anxiety medication.

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