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    How To Choose a Dog Breeder

    Articlegeneral dog adviceSunday 07 April 2013

    If you’ve read our article about 5 Reasons To Buy From a Dog Breeder then you’ll understand why you should buy puppies for sale from reputable dog breeders.

    If you are looking for puppies for sale you then have to find a dog breeder. 

    Oh, you need more reasons? Ok then.

    Read on to find out more about choosing a dog breeder.


    Buying Dogs For Sale From a Dog Breeder

    • There are a number of places you can search for good dog breeders. The puppies for sale here on Dogs and Puppies come from reputable dog breeders and you can also try asking a vet or somebody in the know. If you are only interested in certain breeds of dogs for sale then you can limit your search for a dog breeder.
    • Start phoning dog breeders to see when their litters of puppies are ready. Ask to visit the puppies and to see the mother (it is reasonable not to be able to see the father). Good dog breeders will encourage (or require) several visits to the puppies so if the answer is no, look elsewhere for a dog breeder.
    • When you visit dog breeders, ask how long they have breeding their puppies for sale and which breeds of dogs they specialise in. You are looking for a dog breeder with several years of experience and a good knowledge of the breed that he deals in.
    • Good dog breeders will screen their puppies for sale for various genetic conditions that may be present in the breed so make sure you ask about this. A good dog breeder should keep records of previous dogs they have bred to prove they don’t suffer health issues. The puppies for sale should have visited a vet at least once before you part with any money.
    • When you visit the puppies, take note of the conditions that they live in. Good dog breeders will keep their dogs in the house in a clean, safe environment. Spend time with the puppies and gauge the general condition and temperament.
    • A good dog breeder will always be able to provide references regarding previous dogs for sale so ask for these. If you are refused from a dog breeder, look elsewhere for puppies for sale.
    • Good dog breeders will provide you with a contract when you buy a puppy which will include a health guarantee and possibly even a period of medical insurance. Most breeders will make you sign an agreement that you spay/neuter the dog after a certain period of time.


    You can search for a wide range of puppies for sale from good dog breeders here on Dogs and Puppies or you could search for a dog breeder in our specific section.

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