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    How to choose Halloween costumes for female dogs?

    Articlegeneral dog adviceFriday 14 October 2011

    Halloween is always a lot of fun for you and for your children. So why not get your puppy a Halloween dog costume? As male dogs tend to get some super-heros costumes, the females prefer some mitological phemonenos such angels or goddess. However, there are many others costume you might get for your female dog. Read the article below to learn how to choose Halloween costumes for female dogs.

    Among many possibilities for your female dog, there is the most popular one: a cheerleader dog. This dog costume for Halloween is perfect if your dog makes your day, makes you smile and cheers you up! You can add little fluffy cheerleader's shakers on your dog's legs and a little blue and white dress and that's it - simple and funny! Another example is Angel dog. If your dog seems to be sent to you from Heaven, then you know what to choose. Place your dog in a beautiful white or pink dress, with cute little angle wings.

    Another option is a Belly Dancer dog costume however this dog costume requires some more work to do from your side. Gather together all the materials, some colorful strips of other kinds of materials, hot glue, scissors, and a bikini top. Take the first strip of material and fit it around your dog's lower chest or belly. Put markings and start sewing! Cut strips of colorful material out in different lengths and sizes. Glue the strips of material on top of the first strip of material (the waist coat). Use your old bikini and stick the arm straps over your dog's front paws and up on to his chest. Slip her head through where your head would go. Instead of closing the bikini around your dogs neck, simply tie or stitch the "neck" bikini straps to the ones around your dogs chest. Fasten the "skirt" around your dog's belly and that's it - the perfect dog costume for Halloween.

    Remember that many dog costumes can be purchased online and adjusted to need. Just do a search online. If your dog is not used to wearing clothes, a Halloween costume that is too big can cause your dog to trip over or the dog may try to wiggle out of it. Get the sizes right whether you're making or purchasing them. REMEMBER: if your dog seems not to enjoy its Halloween costume, take it off your dog immediately.

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