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    How to choose Halloween costumes for male dogs?

    Articlegeneral dog adviceFriday 14 October 2011

    While Halloween costumes for small dogs are quite easy to find, the costumes for bigger dogs are not that easy to buy. That is why many big dog owners decide to make a Halloween costume on their own. In this article you can find some useful tips on making the costumes, as well as some help for keeping your dog safe wearing costumes at Halloween. Remember that if your dog does not seem to enjoy wearing the costume, you must take it off it immediately.

    The most important is the idea of a Halloween costume for your dog and then put it into action. Select a costume for a male dog. Big Doggie Halloween costume is a Halloween costume for dogs with an attitude. You can make this costume from a vest style jacket with a leopard skin collar. Make sure to provide your doggy with a matching hat for the Halloween costume. Halloween clown dog is perfect for dogs that are hilarious, knock over the things constantly or chew on everything they see... once you dress your dog up in this Halloween clown costume for dogs, you can be sure you will laugh a lot! Make it by creating a funny clown hat, a clown outfit, and a colorful necktie.Superman dog or rather just SuperDog is made by putting the front legs of your dog into the legs of the superman costume. You can place two fake hands on the hips to make it look as though your dog is wearing this as just part of the super hero's body. Indiana Jones dog is for dogs with charming personality and curious about the world. Make it from a jumpsuit consisting of classic Indiana Jones attire and the unmistakable fedora hat. In this outfit, your dog will not only be the admiration of all the female dogs around but also be able to instinctively sniff out, find and dig for hidden secret treasures. Dog Vader (Darth Vader). Star Wars fever is alive and booming. If you choose this costume, don't be fooled by your dog's cute wagging tail. For this costume, make the classic helmet, a jumpsuit with attached arms and a cape with a belt. A very nice big dog Halloween costume for scaring the neighboring cats and dogs.

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