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    How to choose the right dog?

    Articlegeneral dog adviceMonday 29 August 2011

    If you have been thinking about getting a dog but you are not sure which breed you should choose, read this article to know what you should bare in mind before you take the decision. Bringing a dog to your life is a great and very responsible decision so take your time to choose the dog that would be perfect for you. 

    You should bare in mind your economic situation. The cost of dog ownership is elevated, especially if your dog requires a lot of attention, grooming, special diet and food etc. Also the time you have is a great factor in choosing your dog. Almost all dogs love company and it is difficult to leave them home alone for longer time. So, take your time to examine your lifestyle and try to focus on your and your family needs: children, allergies, flat/house, etc. This is crucial when choosing the dog as it decides about the size, energy level and also the age of your pooch. 

    Although small dogs might seem a good solution for everyone who travels a lot, remember that they are more vulnerable than big dogs and therefore might need more attention. Little puppies might be more sensitive to temperatures, especially during the winter. On other hand, larger dogs need more space to live and move around. Remember that big dog might cause more damages to your house than a smaller one. The activity level is also very important when choosing a pet and it is often determined by the dog breed. However, one should understand that each dog has its own personality. You should be capable of adjusting the amount of daily exercise to your dog needs. The physical appearance is quite an important issue due to the costs. All dogs need basic grooming but certain dog breed might need it more than others.

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