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    How to choose the right dog breed for your family?

    Articlegeneral dog adviceWednesday 31 August 2011

    If you have decided to have a dog as a part of your family, you should take some time to choose the right dog breed. There are many breeds available with different characteristics and requirements. You should bear in mind your lifestyle, family members, house size etc. Remember that owning a dog is a decision for many years! Here you can find information of dog breeds and learn what their needs are (grooming, bathing, exercise, food, etc.). However, below you will find some tips on what you should take into consideration when choosing the dog breed for your family.

    Owning a puppy should be a positive experience so keep in mind your family and your children if you have any. Some dogs’ breeds are likely to get jealous and not all dogs make good family pets with very young children. Be aware that it might have a strong impact on relation with all members of your family. The decision you make should be taken carefully.

    Another thing is the time for your pet. Many of the dog breeds need to have a lot of your attention and their exercise needs are high. The space to move around is also important. Very large dog breeds will not feel good in small apartments. The economic situation is crucial as well, as the dogs cost: vaccinations, trainings, pet sitters, neutering, and if there are any problems, medications. Owning a pet does mean a significant expense in your family budget.

    Learn here about the dog breeds or ask an expert for advice.

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