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    How to choose the right dog groomer?

    Articlegeneral dog adviceThursday 25 August 2011

    If you do not feel like grooming your dog yourself, there are many dog groomers who can definitely help you with it. Here you can find some tips on how to find a good dog groomer for your pooch.

    Although a personality of a dog groomer is not the most important thing to think of, it is definitely better when you can feel comfortable that your dog stays in good hands. Of course, there are several factors to think of when choosing a dog groomer, such as: schedules, experience, location, grooming session and methods used to groom your dog. It might be a good idea to ask your friends, other dog owners or your vet whether they can suggest a good dog groomer. 

    Remember that dog groomers might have different types of schedules: fixed, on call and appointment so you should always call before coming by. Quite often, the dog groomers working with pet shops might offer drop off and pick up services. Som of them work on call from mobile units, such as vans or trailers, which they may park outside your home and groom your dog inside. Be prepared that the groomers who work only on an appointment basis might not be willing to accept new clients as they usually have a long-standing list of established clients. Experience is a key in each profession; however the grooming skills cannot be measured by the years of work. You should bare in mind also other work with dogs. Make sure you evaluate your prospective groomer's experience on all levels before you make a decision. The grooming method should be shared for both: the dog groomer and its owner and things such as cutting and trimming length should be decided before the session.

    Last but not least, remember about your dog. You should bare in mind that though you are glad with the dog groomer’s work, it is your dog that has to spend time on their table and trust in the whole methods. Selecting a right dog groomer might takes quite a long time and sometimes even try out several different groomers. If your dog appears not to trust in your dog groomer skills, you’d better search for a new one.

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