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    How to choose the right dog walker?

    Articlegeneral dog adviceThursday 25 August 2011

    Being a dog owner results quite complicated sometimes as owning a puppy means a great responsibility. There are various situations when you are just unable to provide your dog with your presence at all times… day-to-day tasks, work, meetings or holidays abroad. Choosing the right dog walker or dog sitter is crucial for the well being of your dog so it is recommended that you dedicate a while to read some useful tips below.

    Whatever your reasons are, whether is because your are leaving for holidays or going out of town on business or simply need somebody to take your dog for a walk while you meet your friends, do not worry as this is normal and there are many dog walkers that are ready to provide you with the professional service. If you do not have any familiars or friends to take care of your pooch while you are away, dog walkers are the best solutions. Of course you should bear in mind few simple things before hiring any dog walker.

    Always check whether the dog walker is the licensed business. Although many dog walkers do not have bonding, they usually get the insurance for their business. Use common sense – dog walkers are strangers who enter your home so some extra precautions and common sense will not be bad. Try to figure out the most things possible: how much experience does the person have in dog walking business, is it possible to get some recommendations so you can verify it etc. Your dog is a member of your family so you should take all the necessary precautions. It is also recommended that you find out how many dogs have the person walked so far. More dogs have the dog walkers taken after, more experience he has. Remember to give information about your dog: any medications it must take, any allergies or special treatment if required.

    In case you are leaving on holidays and you need to be sure that the dog walker will be there every day to look after your pooch, it is good to ask your dog walker whether he has a back-up person to replace him in case of sickness etc. Also remember to provide a contact person while you are away just in case of the emergency. Sometimes dog walkers might provide additional services, such as bringing in your mail, newspaper while you are away. Just be sincere in your needs and ask directly whether some of those things are possible to fulfil. 

    Do not be afraid to ask questions. By asking you can prevent many unpleasant situations.

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