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    How to cool an overheated dog?

    Articlegeneral dog adviceSunday 23 June 2013

    We have been talking several times in other articles (you can find linked to them belo) about how fatal a heatstroke might be for your dog.

    Remember that is always better to prevent it than deal with its results. 

    However, if you notice some of the symptoms we have highlighted in the Dogs and Puppies advices section, you should immediately follow the steps below so your dog has the best chance for full recovery.

    1) Recognize the symptoms

    2) Move your dog to shade or take it indoors and cool it down by immersing it into water (make sure is not cold – it might drop your puppy’s core temperature to below normal)

    3) Check weather there are any other symptoms present (vomiting, diarrhea, collapsing)

    4) Call a vet immediately after cooling down your pooch.


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