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    How to create a puppy costume?

    Articlegeneral dog adviceMonday 24 October 2011

    Cute dog, funny dog, scary dog - a Halloween costume honouring your favorite pooch should be first of all safe, comfortable and of course good-looking and original. Attach ears to a ready-made hairband. Cardboard is good for perky Airedale ears. Fun fur is best for long, floppy bloodhound ears... Read this short article below to find out how to create a puppy costume.

    Blacken the bottom of your nose with face makeup; extend the black line from midnose to upper lip, with dots on both sides for snappy whiskers. Draw simple, black eye outlines looping up or down for a friendly, worried or goofy look. Put on a store-bought or construction-paper collar and oversize license with your new name written on it. Make the costume body with a leotard or white shirt and gym shorts over tights, sweatpants or leggings. Glue fun fur, swab paint, or baste paper beagle patches, dalmatian spots or poodle poufs. Give the tail extra attention, since it's crucial to a pup's personality. Flannel-covered wire tails twist and stand up; faux fur, leather strips or cardboard tails droop and swing, making you look good from the back.Go crazy with the footgear - anything can add to the look. If accuracy is important, make paper spats to cover, or slip big socks over little paws.Bark, howl and say "Trick or treat" like Scooby Doo (every word starts with an R). Shop thrift stores and rummage and garage sales for leotards, sweatpants or even old pillowcases. Collars, leashes and pet toys make excellent props.A black handball, pink rubber ball or Nerf ball can be slit open for a big, funny nose.Fabric stores sell fun fur remnants and scraps for less. Flannel squares are good bargains. Start a Halloween scrapbook.If the costumes are for little ones, make sure the tails aren't too long. Teaching kids to bark or talk in funny ways may last longer than Halloween.

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