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    How To Deal With the Stress of Summer In Your Dog?

    Articlegeneral dog adviceTuesday 28 June 2011

    Thunderstorms, fireworks, guests, barbecues… for many people these are the real sounds of summer. However, it has been revealed that all the summer noises that accompany warm weather might cause dog anxiety.

    Recently, the veterinarians are applying to treat dog anxiety caused by loud noises, fear of thunderstorms and other summer related issues, such as separation anxiety, new surroundings, travel anxiety etc. If left untreated, these feelings might lead to negative and unwanted behaviours in your dog (biting, barking etc.).

    For an advice how to treat this condition you can always contact your vet. For sure your specialist will know what to do in your situation. What you can do since then is getting your dog accustomed to new noises, giving your puppy a treat when it gets nervous because of thunders etc.

    In case of separation anxiety, you can learn here how to prepare your dog to enter, for example, a boarding centre while you’re on holiday.

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