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    How to deal with your dog's fear of noises?

    Articlegeneral dog adviceWednesday 26 October 2011

    Having a fear of loud noises isvery common for canines. Some dogs find the sound of fireworks frightening while others jump at every loud noise. Dog owners may want to consider taking action if the dog’s fear appears excessive. An occasional incident isn’t cause for worry, but if your dog is frightened by noises several times a day, it’s time to take action. Read the article below to learn how to deal with your dog's fear of noises.

    Create a behaviour journal for your dog and keep it updated with all the fears your dog has. Make a note every time he has a reaction to an event and make sure to track the event that triggered the behaviour and rate how scared your dog was on a scale of 1-10. It is important that you analyze the behaviour log. After about a month of observation, you might be ready to analyze your dog’s behaviour. Count how many times a day your dog reacted to his fear of noises. Also note the events that commonly triggered the behaviour. Introduce the noise in a controlled environment. If your dog is afraid when you drop a pan, tape record the noise. Play back the noise to your dog with the volume very low and increase the sound to normal volume over time. If your dog appears afraid, turn the volume down a little. After some time, your dog’s fear of the noise should subside. You can also try using white noise to distract your dog. If your house is typically quiet, turn on a fan or similar. This assists some dogs in getting over their fear of loud noises. You can also ask your vet about medication. Some dogs can suffer a lot from a fear of loud noises. If you’ve tried behavioural therapy without any success, talk with your doctor about prescribing an anti-anxiety medication. This will help your dog’s symptoms when she gets scared. Remember to pay attention to your own reactions.

    Dogs are very intuitive and pick up on our emotions so once you are afraid of thunder or other loud noises, they will sense this and may become frightened too. Try to remain calm during these events and it may rub off on your canine. Don’t reinforce the problem. Some dog owners make the mistake of soothing a dog when it appears scared. Experts will tell you this only reinforces the behavior of your dog. If your dog appears scared by a noise, the best way to deal with it is to distract him from the event.

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