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    How to dress up and take a dog out on Halloween?

    Articlegeneral dog adviceMonday 24 October 2011

    Dress up and take a dog out on Halloween! Many people are dressing up their dogs and taking them out for Halloween. Celebrating Halloween with your pooch might be a great fun. If your children are too old to go trick-or-treating or if you don’t have children, why not take your puppy with you? Taking your dogs out for Halloween can be a night for memories, but there are a few things you should bear in mind before you go. 


    Pick a costume that you would like to have for your dog. There are a lot of options when finding a suitable costume for your pet. Most costume places set up for Halloween will also sell costumes for your pet. You can choose among many styles and sizes. Find the correct size by having your dog’s weight handy when shopping. Then choose something unique and fun. Some of the most popular dog costumes are a devil and an angel, but the sky is the limit. Browse our articles to search for any ideas for a dog costume for your pet. will put on your dogs.

    Get your leash and collar ready. Safety is the most important factor when taking your pet outdoors and, since Halloween is a time that many children will be out, you will need to make sure that your dog is securely on its leash. A busy neighborhood can be a scary time for your pet ,so this is another reason to have its safety in mind. A flashing leash is available at many pet stores. This can help you be seen on highways where cars might not otherwise see you or your pet. If you cannot find a flashing leash, you can always get one that has reflective tape on it. Make sure your dog also has an ID tag on the off chance that he gets away from you.

    Be respectful of your neighbours. Not everyone is comfortable around dogs. It’s good to have someone with you so that you can ring the doorbell of a stranger’s house and let them know it’s a dog you have, not a child. Some homeowners will even give out dog biscuits instead of candy and will want to pet your dog. Be sure that your pet is comfortable and safe around strangers to lessen the chance of him becoming frightened or stressed out.

    Make your trip like any other walk so that your dog is calm and happy. You don’t want to overly excite your dog on his first Halloween trip. Put your dog’s costume on him early enough that he’s not excited before going out. Let him get used to the new clothing. This will make him calmer and less tense by something new that he’s not used to. Keep your dogs away from children when trick-or-treating. Dogs can be scared of masks and screaming children, so it’s best to give a wide path if you see a group of children. You can walk on the opposite side of the road or go down a different path. This can help keep your dog calm and serene. You can carry some extra dog biscuits in your candy bag to give to your pet while he’s out trick-or-treating but never let him have chocolate or other human candy. Chocolate and other foods can be unsafe for your dog and even potentially fatal. You can accept candy from your neighbors, but don’t let them give it to your dog or let your dog get into the candy bag.


    Take a lot of pictures of your pet dressed up. This is a chance to have fun and make memories (and win great prizes in our contests!) and you don’t want to miss out on the cute pictures of your pet dressed up for Halloween.

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