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    How to dress your dog for Christmas?

    Articlegeneral dog adviceMonday 24 October 2011
    Christmas season is an exciting, magical time for the whole family: the Christmas Tree, exchanging gifts, cookies etc. Why should your dog be left out of all the fun? As a beloved member of the family, your dog is entitled to an enjoyable holiday season too. Here's how to give your favorite pet a merry, merry Christmas. He can look festive and show his own merry spirit by dressing up for the holiday in a special Christmas outfit. There are several options you can choose from that don't necessarily have to cost you a lot of money. Read the article below to find out how to dress your dog for Christmas.


    Your dog can use the antlers to resemble one of Santa's reindeer. The antlers are held on by an elastic strap that goes underneath your dog's chin. Most are strong enough to withhold all of the head-shaking your pet may do. Be wary of buying antlers that have small bells attached, as your dog could swallow them if given a chance. Instead of spending a lot of money, check your local dollar store, where you can usually pick them up for cheap.Buy a festive dog sweater. There are many places to find sweaters for dogs in the winter.

    Instead of having your pet wear his usual sweater on Christmas, put him in a bright red or green one. If you can't find an inexpensive enough sweater that has embellishments, consider picking up a few cloth snowflakes or Christmas trees and sewing them on the sweater yourself.If your dog isn't fond of wearing a costume, consider simply getting a basic Christmas scarf to tie around his neck. He won't be uncomfortable, and he can still look merry. A brightly colored bandanna can also work well. In addition, a regular piece of Christmas fabric can easily be cut into the desired shape and tied like a scarf. Whichever option you choose, make sure to not tie it too tightly around the animal's neck. Dress your dog in a Christmas-themed costume. There is a wide variety of costumes that you can purchase online or in a costume shop that would be appropriate for your dog to wear. He can wear a Santa costume, an elf costume or even an angel costume and be perfectly in the holiday spirit.

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