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    How to get your dog accustomed to his new home?

    Articlegeneral dog adviceFriday 12 August 2011

    Moving in to a new house or flat might result complicated and it might get even worse when you take into consideration your dog’s needs. You should remember about making sure that not only you are going to feel well in a new place, but your dog will get accustomed to it as well. 

    Before moving in you should make sure that your new place is safe for your dog. Take into considerations your dog’s size and temperament. Getting a flat might not be a good idea for a dog with high activity level! Also if your dog likes to make noise and barks a lot, you should forget about making friends with your neighbours… 

    You can minimize a dog’s anxiety related to changing their environment by simply following few simple steps. Try to get your dog accustomed to leash and crate so you have a control over your dog at all times. It can also help you to have your dog safe during the move and prevent your canine from getting lost. When you get your dog familiar with crate and you have a control over it whenever you put a leash on, there’s a moment for moving in to a new place. Before packing things, give your dog food and place it in a crate so it does not get lost. Remember about your canine – talk to your dog, give it treats etc. When in new home, go through it and locate any hazards such as electrical wires, poisonous products or plants, windows, balcony etc. Make sure to eliminate it before your dog comes to live in a new place. 

    When getting rid of all the possible hazards, get your dog’s favourite toys, bowls or blankets. Remember to make sure the travel to your new place will be pleasant for your dog (click here to learn more about travelling with your dog). When entering to a new home, walk your dog around, give it treats so your pooch feels well in a new place and it finds it nice place to stay. Let your dog wander around the house and explore more areas on its own, although it all should be under your supervision. 

    Remember: whenever you need to travel with your pet, make sure it is microchipped or wears a label on its collar in case it gets lost. 

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