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    How to groom a Beagle?

    Articlegeneral dog adviceThursday 30 January 2014

    Fortunately, Beagles' coats are fairly simple to maintain and do not require any special treatments or methods.

    This small/medium sized breed with droopy ears has a hard coat that usually comes in tri-colours: brown, black, tan, white and gray.

    Grooming time is the best moment to check the skin condition of your dog and search for any signs of infection or any other anomalies. Don't worry, there should not be any, we are just being cautious here! 

    Although Beagles are fairly easy pets to groom, brushing should be done at least once or twice a week. It is recommended to use a firm bristle brush to groom your furry friend. Regular brushing helps to get rid of dead fur and hair that if not removed might lead to itching, odour and infections.

    A Beagles' fur should lie flat but not be smooth or silky. Bathing your dog does not have any required frequency and obligatory schedule, therefore, you should only do it when necessary.

    Beagle's skin tends to dry out fast. As this breed is very clean, bathing your Beagle dog is rare and once a month is a sufficient (unless there is some emergency). When bathing your Beagle puppy, remember to use a mild dog shampoo, in this case for dry skin. If you have problems with choosing the right brand, you might always ask the vet to help you out with it.

    The grooming process is a very good moment to clean your Beagle's ears but it should be done every day. Use a cotton pad or tissue. This breed is highly prone to ear infections, wax buildup and ear mites. Washing ears once a week with an ear cleansing solution made for dogs might help to deal with it. Put cleanser on a cotton pad and clean the outer rim and inside of your Beagle's ears. Be careful not to penetrate anywhere inside his ears you can't see.




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