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    How to groom a Labradoodle?

    Articlegeneral dog adviceFriday 30 September 2011

    The labradoodle is a dog breed that comes from mixing a poodle with a labrador. Labradoodles might appear in three sizes: miniature, medium or standard. The basic coat types are coated hair, fleece coated or wool coated that might come in a variety of colours such as white, caramel, gold, black, chocolate etc. The characteristic coat of Labradoodles requires basic grooming and treatments in order to maintain the dog's hair in good condition.  Read this article in order to find out more about how to groom your Labradoodle.

    First of all, try to analyze well your dog's temperament and determine which breed is dominant in your Labradoodle (Poodle or Labrador Retriever). With mixed breeds, professional groomers and experienced owners usually look at the overall appearance of the dog that helps in deciding how to cut the dog's coat.  If your Labradoodle is highly active outdoors or gets wet frequently, you may want to keep his coat cut shorter. Grooming a fleece coated Labradoodle should not be time consuming and the best thing to do is to wait till its puppy coat gets replaced by adult coat. It generally occurs somewhere between 9 to 14 months. While it is changing you should brush it at least once a week with a natural bristle brush and mat comb. 

    An adult Labradoodle should be brushed at least once a month in order to minimize shedding and prevent matting. To do it use a natural bristle brush with wool coats. Bathing Labradoodle should not be at regular basis and done only when necessary, not more often than twice a year. Labradoodles are very clean dogs and the dirt accumulated in the coat when dry can be easily brushed out. When bathing your dog, remember to apply the special dog shampoo and conditioner if necessary. Rather than rub the shampoo try to squeeze it through the coat. When you are done, rinse thoroughly and air dry.

    Trim a dog's nails every two to three weeks using dog nail clippers. Be sure to avoid cutting the quick, as it bleeds and is painful. Shave hair around her ears and carefully pluck hair in her ear canal using blunt tweezers every two to three months to prevent ear infections and increase air flow.

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