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    How to groom your dog's hair with a clipping?

    Articlegeneral dog adviceFriday 22 July 2011

    Professional grooming might result quite expensive when done regularly. If you want to save some extra pounds this summer, follow our tips to groom your dog on your own.

    Remember to make sure that the dog is secure and you have a control over your dog at all times. Your dog needs to be clean and have all mats and tangles brushed out of her coat before you start clipping.

    If you have gathered all the necessary equipment and accessories, you should prepare the area for the grooming session. The best solution so your puppy accept clippers is to start clipping your dog as early as possible. For an older dog it might be more difficult to accept the clippers. You should remember compare the sound level of various clippers and choose the quietest one. In case of any doubts, read about your dog breed and ask a professional groomer or breeder to show you how to groom your dog’s coat. Remember to make sure your clipper blades are sharp as dull clippers pull hair more.

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