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    How to Help Dogs in Need | Dogs and Puppies

    Articlegeneral dog adviceThursday 07 April 2011

    During times of economic upheaval the lives of dogs are uncertain. Many families cannot afford to keep their beloved pets and have to give them to dog shelters. If you want to help a dog then this article will help you to figure out the most beneficial way you can make a difference and help puppies and dogs.



    Dog Care – Help Dogs

    • Why not consider rescuing a dog from a local rescue centre. There are so many dogs that get admitted into rescue centres each year all f which are desperately looking for new homes. Think about choosing an older dog from the centres in particular because they are often past by in favour of cute puppies. There are lots of benefits to buying an older and more mature dog, they are usually partially trained and housebroken which makes the adoption and integration into a household much easier.

    • Another option to help dogs is dog fostering. Due to the amount of dogs that are being handed into shelters lots of centres are desperate for families to foster dogs until they can find them a permanent home. A dog that is living in a home is much more likely to be permanently adopted. As a foster parent to a dog you can begin their training which will give them a better life. The benefit of this is that the commitment is not long term but you still get the pleasure and enjoyment of having a dog.

    • If you do not have the space to look after a dog at home there are still ways in which you can help puppies and contribute to dog care. Volunteering at your local animal shelter is a very worthy thing to do and gives you the chance to work with lots of different dogs. Volunteering at a dog shelter is very rewarding as you get to see lots of unloved dogs get cared for and be re-homed.

    • Check with local soup kitchens. This is a way to help dogs that you might not think of but lots of people who frequent soup kitchens have dogs they might have trouble feeding. You can collect some tins of dog food and hand them in to your local soup kitchen; you might find that they don’t offer this service, if they don’t you could offer to run it.

    • If you live in an area that suffers from extreme weather conditions then you might want to offer to take your elderly neighbours dogs for a walk. Exercise is an important part of dog care but if the weather is bad they might not feel like they can venture outside to walk their dogs. This is a simple and nice way you can help dogs as you can spend time with them and do your neighbours a favour at the same time.


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