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    How to help your dog cope with fireworks?

    Articlegeneral dog adviceTuesday 25 October 2011

    Bonfire Night is fast approaching and this means fireworks and if you are a dog owner you know what that means...  It is very common for dogs to be frightened of fireworks and other loud noises as they can find the unpredictable bangs and flashes very distressing. Any celebrations that includes fireworks can be very stressful for dogs and also for their owners. Read the article below to learn how to cope with the fireworks problem in your dog.

    First learn how to recognize that your dogs is stressed and anxious: that includes trembling, shaking, pacing, panting, destructive behaviour, whining, barking, panting and attempts to escape. Even if you think that your dog deals with fireworks problem very well, you should remember about the symptoms mentioned above. Dogs and also other pets tend to develop fears during their all lives. Once you know how to recognize the symptoms of anxiety and stress, you should learn how to prevent it.

    The day of the Bonfire Night, make sure you give a long walk with your dog so he gets tired enough to stay relaxed later on. Try to keep your dog inside after dark when fireworks are likely to be set off, and if he has to go outside ensure he is supervised as he may attempt to escape if a firework takes him by surprise. At all times you should remember to place a collar with your dog's identification tag just in case he escapes. Bear in mind your dog should be microchipped as well. Close all windows and doors and lock cat and dog flaps to keep noise to a minimum and to stop any escape attempts. Draw curtains and put on the TV or radio so that your dog has some familiar sounds that will provide comfort and also block out some noise. Try not to leave your pet alone at home. If you do need to leave the house, make sure your dog is left in a safe dog-proofed area. Do not get angry if you find your dog has been destructive while you have been away, it is his way of coping with the stress. Shouting and aggressive behaviour will only make him more stressed and frightened.

    For dogs that gets very affected by fireworks and loud noises desensitization, loud music might be helpful. Also the diffusers that disperse calming pheromones into the room can come in handy. In severe cases of fear it is advisable to seek help from your vet.

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    Text source: Pet pupz, image source:

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