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    How to inspect a boarding kennel?

    Articlegeneral dog adviceTuesday 31 May 2011

    Finding a boarding kennel that suits your preferences might not become an easy task. It’s highly recommended that you visit the place before you leave your pet there.

    First you should find out the kennel’s normal business hours and drop by un-announced for a tour. Remember to be polite and try not to come in the first/last hour they are open. If you aren’t allowed to examine the entire facility without an appointment, you’d rather do not leave your dog there…

    If you are already in, you should take a note whether each dog or family group has its own indoor and outdoor area. There should be a solid divider between each of the area and higher one whether your dog tends to jump over the fence. Don’t be afraid to ask the questions and find out everything about the food they give to your dog while it’s in the kennel, how often do they feed the animals, what do they do in the free time, should you bring anything with you etc.

    To find out more you can read here.


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