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    How to keep your Border Terrier Healthy and Happy?

    Articlegeneral dog adviceSunday 29 September 2013

    Border Terriers are one of the most popular dogs in the United Kingdom and it is probably because of their good nature and positive attitude toward children and other pets. However, Border Terriers might get stubborn from time to time and have a mind of their own.

    Those fun-loving dogs are intelligent animals that can build strong bonds with their owners. They are also very trainable as they like to please their owners. However as they are independent dogs they require firmness and tolerance while training.

    Border Terriers are part of the terrier group and in the most of the cases are bred as working animals.

    Puppies may at first be shy, therefore it is vital that they mix with other animals and humans.

    Owners of a Border Terrier can have other pets too as Border Terrier tends to live in agreement with other household pets (except for non-canine pets such as hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits or birds). 

    Once you know the personality of your Border Terrier puppy, you should bare in mind that this active dog breed require regular exercise. Their owners should remember about providing them with daily dozes of physical activity and try to keep them busy.

    Although Border Terriers are relatively low maintenance you should groom your dog regularly and keep it clean. This dog breed does not need to be bathed regularly, however their wiry coat is impervious to water and dirt. It might be brushed out with a weekly combing without bigger problems.

    Brushing your dog’s teeth is also important as it reduces plaque building up and keep Border Terrier’s mouth healthy. It is recommended you start brushing your dog’s teeth as soon as possible to ensure that it gets used to it. 

    Border Terriers also need to have their nails clipped regularly so that they do not suffer any problems related to this, such as growing inward or causing a limp. You also need to clean the corners of your dog’s eyes daily to rid it of the dirt and debris which the eyes naturally push away.

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