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    How to keep your dog cool during the summer?

    Articlegeneral dog adviceMonday 27 June 2011

    Your beloved pooch might be enjoying playing in the garden and seems to have a lot of energy but be careful as it just doesn’t know when to stop! The summer heat might cause serious health problems so you should learn how to prevent dangerous situations such as heatstroke or deshydrataion.

    First of all, remember to always have several bowls of fresh and cool water inside and outside the house so your dog might have some whenever it wants. You migh also add an ice cube – nice way to cool the water and attract your puppies attention. Don’t let your dog stay many hours outside, especially in the afternoon (12pm – 5pm). However, if your dog has to stay outside, provide it a cooler place in a shadow. You can also help your pooch to survive hot weather by keeping it indoors in a cool interior room and even by rubbing it down with a damp towel.

    Learn how to recognize heatstroke symptoms here.

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