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    How to make a boxer dog happy and healthy?

    Articlegeneral dog adviceTuesday 30 August 2011

    Boxers are very sociable animals that love to spend time with people and especially with children. They can play, wander around for hours! Boxers are high spirited, eager and quick to learn dogs, but can be stubborn and sneaky. Female Boxers often get into fights with other female dogs, but generally they get along with other pets. They are excellent watchdogs. This breed does not do well in extremely cold or hot climates. You can learn more details about this breed here and below find some tips to make your boxer dog happy and healthy. 

    Taking into consideration that boxers are very lively dogs, you should first of all remember to provide your dog with sufficient daily exercise, especially if your boxer is kept as an indoor dog. You can think about training your boxer. As this breed is very intelligent and learns fast, you can show your boxer many tricks and also run obedience training for it. Some things to thing about when you first get your dog is to consult your veterinarian about flea-control products and vaccinations that are obligatory for this breed. Remember to consult it as soon as you get your boxer and have yearly booster shots. As boxers have short-haired coat they do not get dirty too often, however, you can bath and brush your boxer occasionally with a firm brush. Remember to trim her nails regularly.

    Another very important thing is to understand health problems your boxer might suffer from. The most common diseases are hip dysplasia, bloat, aortic stenosis, tumors and hypothyroidism. Here you can find the article about the health problems your boxer dog is prone to. And finally, you should be prepared to enjoy 9 to 12 years with your boxer, as this is the boxer's average life expectancy.

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