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    How to make a homemade Halloween dog costume?

    Articlegeneral dog adviceMonday 24 October 2011

    During Halloween parties you see scores of girls and women dressed up as cats. Dogs are severely under represented. You can even the score this year by dressing up in a homemade Halloween dog costume. This is an especially good idea for a guy who can have some fun chasing cats or making friends. Making a dog costume is no more difficult than creating a cat costume. Read the article below to learn how to do a dog costume for Halloween.

    Use a sweat suit with a hooded sweatshirt as the base of your costume. Choose a sweat suit that is the natural color of a dog such as white, black, or brown. Choose something that is comfortable and fits loosely. Another option you can use to make your dog costume is footed pajamas. See the link in the resource section to purchase a pair. To turn your sweat suit into a dog costume, use your felt fabric to make spots, ears, and other markings. Cut out and sew big floppy ears to the hood of the sweat suit. Create a few spots to put on your back. Sew large spots on loosely and you will be able to remove them later without damaging the outfit. You can make a large circle to put over your front to imitate the underside of the dog if you wish. If you want to create a dalmatian costume, you can use a white sweatshirt and make spots with a permanent fabric marker.

    Paint your face to resemble a dog. Paint a black triangle over your nose. Paint a black line down the center of the top lip and also paint the lips black. Add some dots on the top lip and around the nose and paint a few whiskers. For fun, you can paint a hanging tongue on your face and a circle around one or both eyes. Add the finishing touches. Don’t forget your tail! Roll up piece of felt to create your tail. Use fabric glue to finish the tail and sew it to the butt of your suit. Add a dog collar to your neck and a chain too if you wish.

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