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    How to make a hot dog costume for dogs?

    Articlegeneral dog adviceMonday 24 October 2011

    Halloween celebration is right behind the corner. Add some humour to your Halloween this year by dressing your dog in a simple, homemade hot dog costume. A popular choice for dachshunds and other small dogs, these costumes wrap the puppy in soft, tan buns and condiment squiggles. While these costumes can be purchased premade from retailers, you can create a homemade rendition from items already in the house. Read the article below and learn how to make a hot dog costume for dogs.

    Draw a long oval shape that is slightly longer than the length of the dog's back. Cut out this shape and trace the cardboard shape four times onto tan coloured fabric. Cut out the shapes and separate them into two pairs.Stitch each pair together, leaving one side open. Stuff the buns with a pillow, foam mattress pad, cotton or other filling material.Make straps from two belts. Place one around the widest girth of the dog's chest by wrapping it around and adding 2 inches of slack before latching the belt. Trim any excess. Add another belt around another section of the dog's body for extra security. Leave 2 inches of slack, latch the belt, and trim any excess. Remove the belts from the dog and latch them. Glue one bun on each side of the belt using a hot glue gun.Make ketchup and mustard squiggles from red and yellow fabric. The fabric can simply rolled into a tubular shape and glued to the top of the belts.Measure the length of the dog's back, from the base of the neck to the base of the tail.

    Use a soft fabric to increase the costume's comfort. Pad the belt straps by wrapping the belts in a soft fabric or foam padding. Do not use rope or other course materials for straps, because the rough material can cause injuries to the skin and coat of the animal. Never use masks on dogs and be careful to monitor the dog's body temperature while in the costume. Dogs do not release body heat like humans do, and they can easily overheat.

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