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    How to make simple dog costumes?

    Articlegeneral dog adviceFriday 14 October 2011

    You might not like the Halloween period and all the costume things related to it, but sometimes, you just want to dress up your pooch and have some fun with it. Or you want to take some funny pictures and place it in the contests to win some goodies for your dog. There are many articles presenting how to do certain dog costumes. There are also many websites that allow you to purchase the dog costumes you want just by clicking the proper size of your dog. However, there's nothing funnier than preparing a costume especially for your dog. Read the article below to learn how to make a dog costume for your puppy.

    Remember to make sure that your dog is happy before you begin "fitting" for its costume. It is important that your dog feels comfortable at all times. It is not a toy!!! Once you decide the idea of what costume you would like to prepare for your dog, you should start gathering all the necessary materials, if you need your dog to try on some things you should make pleasant atmosphere and get your dog near you. For example, to get the ghost costume for your dog you would need to cut openings for nose and mouth, eyes and ears in the white sheet. While it lies freely on the dog’s back, hanging down halfway to the ground and elastic bands attach the sheet to the dog at neck and chest. To place the ghost costume on your dog, get your pooch standing up right. Put the bed-sheet over your dog, also covering his head. Mark the spots for cutting out the nose, eyes and ears (be careful when marking spots for eyes). Just mark the centre of the spot and take notes how large each hole needs to be.Attach the ghost costume to your dog at his neck and his chest. Note the spots on opposite sides of your dog’s neck and chest (about in the middle), the length of elastic band pieces required and how much bed sheet is necessary to look good on your dog, allow the bed-sheet to hang to the ground not more than halfway. Once you have noted all the 'wholes' needed, take the bed-sheet off your dog. From the inside, sew elastic band to the relevant spots on the sheet. Cut out openings for the nose and mouth, eyes and ears. To put on the ghost costume you must first put it through front paws, then over the dog’s head.

    Remember that not all dogs are fine with wearing a costume, so if your dog does not like it, take off the costume immediately.

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