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    How to paint your dog for Halloween?

    Articlegeneral dog adviceMonday 24 October 2011

    Dress your dog up with colour this year on Halloween party. Change the look of your pooch by colouring his or her fur. You can create cool designs with dog-friendly fur dyes. They come in a vast array of colors and are non-toxic. Turn your white Maltese into a zebra by adding black stripes. Give your Golden Retriever the patriotic treatment by dying him red, white and blue. Or colour your pooch to complement your costume.

    Put on rubber gloves and apply the fur dye to a small patch of fur on your dog to test for allergies or sensitivity. Rinse it out after five minutes. Do not use the dye if the skin becomes irritated. Shampoo and rinse your dog to remove any dirt or debris from the fur. Apply the fur dye to the wet fur and let it sit for about 15 minutes. Avoid dying sensitive areas of your dog's face, such as the eyes. You can also apply the fur dye to dry fur on stubborn areas such as the ears or tails. Rinse off the dye and dry your dog, either with a towel or a blow-dryer set on low heat. Comb your dog's fur to get rid of any tangles.

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