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    How to prepare your dog for a boarding kennel?

    Articlegeneral dog adviceThursday 19 May 2011

    Leaving your pooch in a kennel results more stressful then you thought? Don’t worry, we’ve prepared this article indicating you several steps to follow so you can make sure that you’ve remembered about everything!

    First, you should prepare a proof of up-to-date vaccination as it must be shown every time your dog visits the kennels. You should bear in mind that any vaccination must be given at least seven days before the start of the boarding period. Also depending on your dog’s vaccinations and diseases, the entry process might take even 4 weeks so it’s good to check it before!

    If your dog is used to eating the same food all the time, you should bring your own food to a kennel (don’t forget to label it!) – enough for the visit and a little extra just in case. You might also need to leave the number of a friend or relative who could contact you, if necessary or leave the number where you can be reached.

    Make sure to tell the staff about all the bad habits your dog posses. If your pet likes to dig under or jump over fences, they will be able to take precautions and prevent escape. You can also have your pet microchipped (might cost between 10-20 pounds).

    Still nervous? You can find more information in our articles here.

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