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    How to prevent heatstroke in your dog?

    Articlegeneral dog adviceFriday 23 May 2014

    Heat stroke or hyperthermia might result fatal for your dog.

    This is a life threatening medical condition in which the body's internal organs begin to shut down as a result of elevated body temperature caused by high temperatures and humidity. It might takes only few minutes for your dog to suffer from serious internal injuries, brain damages etc.

    Dogs that are prone to suffer from heatstroke are young puppies and older dogs. Also the overweight pooches and the one recovering from illness or surgery.

    Several dog breeds are particularly susceptible, such as bulldogs, sharpei, pugs etc. as their respiratory systems is narrow and gets overwhelmed in hot and humid conditions.

    However, a heatstroke is preventable so learn how to avoid it.

    To avoid heatstroke you should be aware of the temperatures outside, exercise your dog very early in the morning or late in the evening when it’s cooler.

    During the heat hours dogs should be kept inside.,Rremember they don’t know when to stop playing, running etc. so you must be the one that says stop. If your dog likes to stay outside, make sure your pooch has enough fresh water to drink and some shady part of the garden where it can relax.

    Very important: never leave your dog locked in the car.


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