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    How to prevent ticks on dogs?

    Articlegeneral dog adviceMonday 25 July 2011

    Ticks are small parasites which feed on blood. When dogs suffer from parasitic ticks, they can experience plenty of discomfort and, in some cases, can become exposed to serious infections and diseases.

    Therefore preventing tick is essential for your dog’s health. First of all, try to keep your dog away from tick infested areas – woods and dense vegetative areas are places where the ticks love to live. Ticks have heat sensors that detect the heat that a dog emits and they use their legs to grab onto your dog's fur as the dog passes by an area that is tick infested. The tick will then use your dog as a host, feeding off it's blood supply to fertilize it's eggs. 

    It is good to apply some flea and tick medications that might last even for a month or more. A tick collar can be other alternative and it should be changed every 3-44 months for optimal protection. When bathing your dog you should add a shampoo that prevent ticks. You can contact your vet for more information and advice.

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