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    How to protect your dog from sunburn?

    Articlegeneral dog adviceFriday 10 June 2011

    Just like we do, our dogs can get sunburn too and suffer from a skin cancer. Particularly susceptible to these conditions are light coloured dogs with short hair such as the Boxer, the Dalmation, the Greyhound or Pitbulls.

     Although sunburn might be treated, remember that prevention is always better. You should limit your dog’s exposure to the sun by keeping it indoor between peak hours (10am and 4pm). You can also give him a white t-shirt to cover as much of its body as possible if it must be on the sun. Don’t forget to choose sun protection for dogs – you can check with your vet which brands are safe for your puppy. Also, try to avoid cutting your dog's hair too short in the summer since hair helps to protect against sun damage.

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