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    How to raise Labradoodle puppies?

    Articlegeneral dog adviceFriday 30 September 2011

    Labradoodles are sociable, friendly and non aggressive dogs. This dog breed is a mix of Poodle and Labrador Retriever. Whatever the reason for buying a dog is, you should make sure you know how to raise your Labradoodle to be healthy and well-behaving dog. Although Labradoodles are intelligent dogs and are said to be easy trained, you should not wait too long with developing good habits in your puppy. Read the article below in order to raise happy and healthy Labradoodles.

    Once you get your Labradoodle puppy from a dog breeder, remember to double check whether all the health check ups have been made and the vacciantions are up-to-date. You might also think of neutering your dogs when they reach the appropriate age if they are not intended for breeding. Labradoodles might appear in three sizes: miniature, medium or standard. The basic coat types are coated hair, fleece coated or wool coated that might come in a variety of colours. The coat of Labradoodles makes the grooming obligatory in order to minimize shedding and eliminate matting. Purchase an appropriate food for your Labradoodle puppies. There is a large variety of dog foods to choose from so you should take enough time to familiarize with all the ingredients. Make sure that you provide your dog with high-protein diet and vitamins it needs. You should also remember to provide a constand access to clean and fresh water at all times, especially during the summer time when the temperatures get higher.

    Provide your Labradoodle puppy with its own space where it can wander around safely. Labradoodles are very curious animals and should never be left unsupervised as they might learn bad habits or get injured. A puppy can only be crated for an hour more than the number of months she is. Never put your Labradoodle puppy into the crate as punishment. Try to socialize your Labradoodle puppy as much as possible by exposing it to a variety of enjoyable experiences: dog walks, car rides, walks on a leash etc.

    Introduce your puppy to basic commands, try to teach it some tricks, play frisbee etc. Labradoodles are highly intelligent which means you should train your puppy with appropriate behavior before she teaches herself bad habits. Puppies need a lot of stimulation to grow up healthy and also to get rid of the spare energy. Labradoodles have a lot of energy and need a lot of exercise to stay out of trouble. Be prepared to devote time and energy to your labradoodle puppy.

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