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    How to Re-home a Dog

    Articlegeneral dog adviceThursday 07 April 2011

    Sadly, it is common for people to end up in the situation where they are left with no choice but to re-home their dog.

    We want this to be your "last" choice, after considering many other ways to keep your furry friend. In case you are determined to re-home your dog, then go ahead and read these coming lines.

    It can be difficult at first how to proceed when you see yourlsef in the middle of a re-homing process, so we have put together a guide explaining the different options available for you.


    • Advertise: You can advertise your dog to be re-homed for free here on Dogs and Puppies. It can be useful to place an appealing picture of your dog in the advert, and you can do it here at no extra cost. 
    • Private adoption: Ask around friends and family if they would be willing to take on your dog. Hopefully, they may already know your pet and understand its temperament, and will be aware of what size of responsibility the dog is to take on. On the plus side, by passing your dog onto a family member or a friend it will mean you can have regular contact with the dog and will not have to say goodbye forever. 
    • Rescue centers: It may seem like the least best option for your dog, however by giving it to a rescue shelter with a good reputation it will mean that your dog is likely to be cared for in the best possible way before being suitably re-homed. Try to research the shelter before hand as there are some kill shelters around and it is not advisable that your dog is taken to one. 
    • Consider that you are leaving the responsibility of your dog to someone else so it is essential that you pass on as many details about the dog as possible. This will then help re-home the dog in the future if it is necessary. 
    • Think about the reasons why you want to re-home your dog, and if there may be a way that this decision can be avoided. For instance, if the reason you can not cope with the dog is because of dog walking, why not enquire about professional dog walkers?. If the reason is grooming, there are people who are learning to groom dogs and require dogs to practice their skill on. In this case, these apprentices are willing to do it for a very low price or even for free!.
    • Be extra careful who you allow your dog to be re-homed with as currently there is a large market for dogs being sold abroad for puppy mills, fur farming and fighting. 




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