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    How To Re-home Dogs Online

    Articlegeneral dog adviceThursday 07 April 2011

    The internet can be a fantastic place to advertise dogs for re-homing for a number of reasons. Trying to re-home a dog to a new owner yourself is always preferable to giving the dog to a dog shelter who cannot guarantee when they will be able to re-home dogs. If you are looking to re-home dogs on the internet, read on.


    Advertising Dogs for Re-homing


    • When you are trying to re-home dogs, you need to make sure you put some thought into the advert that you will put out because this really will make a huge difference. You can advertise to re-home a dog for free here on Dogs and Puppies.


    • The text that you use for your adverts to re-home dogs is very important. You need to make sure that you include any relevant information including why you need to re-home a dog, it’s age and name, information about any health issues and of course, how you can be contacted by people looking to re-home dogs.


    • You need to make sure that the text in your advert to re-home a dog is well written and understandable. Poor grammar and spelling will make it harder to read which will put a lot of people off. Make sure your adverts for dogs for re-homing contain proper English rather than ‘text/internet language’ as this will attract more people looking at re-homing dogs.


    • Pictures are something that is often overlooked by many people who advertise dogs for re-homing. The ability for a potential new owner to see what the dogs for re-homing look like is vital. Here on Dogs and Puppies, you can add extra images at no extra cost and this can make a difference when you are re-homing dogs.


    • By placing your free advert for dogs for re-homing here on Dogs and Puppies, you will instantly be visible to our thousands of daily visitors. For a small extra fee, you can have your advert placed at the top of the classifieds listings which will increase its visibility further and could help you re-home a dog.
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