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    How to recognize heatstroke in dogs?

    Articlegeneral dog adviceTuesday 02 July 2013

    Heat stroke (other name: hyperthermia) can be fatal for your dog.

    This is a life threatening medical condition in which the body's internal organs begin to shut down as a result of elevated body temperature caused by high temperatures and humidity.

    You can easily learn how to avoid it. However, you should be aware of it symptoms.

    Take a look on the list below of early symptoms of heat stroke and dehydration below:


    • Dark red gums or pale gums, bright red tongue

    • Excessive/rapid panting

    • Lethargy/Coma

    • Salivating (thick)

    • Vomiting and/or diarrhoea

    • Weakness and Dizziness

    • Disorientation

    • Increased heartbeat

    • Respiratory distress

    • Muscle tremors


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