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    How to start your own kennel business?

    Articlegeneral dog adviceMonday 30 May 2011
    If you love animals and if you have always dreamt about working with them, the kennel business is a great idea to start working on it. Many people don’t realise they can change their passion for dogs into a profitable business.
    However, you should take into consideration that it’s a business like others… you will have to deal with clients = people put these will be the dogs (or/and cats) you want to provide the best quality of service. Now, if you are sure you want to start this business, we might help you by highlighting the several steps to follow:
    Step 1
    Get funding for the kennel or start a small business. Remember that big number of dogs to board requires space and money. There are many dogs breeds, sizes and types. You will need to think about playing areas, food and beddings. Starting small will allow you to slowly increase your boarding service as more money allows you to do it.
    Step 2
    Taking care of someone’s else dog or other pet is a responsibility so remember to fill in all the documents, release forms etc. in case of injury or even animal’s death.
    Step 3
    Try to get first experiences taking care of dogs for your family and friends so they can indicate the services they consider important and you can work it on until you get ‘real clients’.
    Step 4
    Search for an agreement or partnership with a local vet’s office – it might help to get new clients and you might get the vet to visit your boarding service from time to time.
    Step 5
    Make it famous! After you are ready to get new clients, let people get to know you by placing your ad on internet, leaving flyers and brochures in pet stores, veterinarian offices and other places dog owners frequent.
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