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    How to stop a Beagle from howling?

    Articlegeneral dog adviceFriday 14 March 2014

    Beagles are very energetic and lively dogs. These long-eared, curious dogs make a great family pet. However, the origin of Beagles makes their howling quite a bad experience.

    This breed comes from England and they used to be a popular hunting dog often used as part of a pack to hunt out hares. It is not a surprise that the least expected object or action around a Beagle might get him howling and once it starts, it's very difficult to stop.

    Let's see what can be done in order to stop your Beagle from howling.

    Although this breed can be suited to apartments you still should provide him with a fair regular exercise. And this is essential. It would be perfect if your Beagle puppy had an access to a garden for outside activity, play and exercise. Remember that gardens should be fenced off, as otherwise the beagle’s curiosity and sense of smell may tempt him to wander off.

    When your dog starts howling at home, the problem arises. You might start to turn on a television or radio each time you leave your home as the noise usually calms Beagles down.

    Place crate-trained Beagles in a crate in a dark room or with a blanket over the crate. The darkness can cause them to think it's night, and help them sleep.

    When you are at home and your Beagle starts howling, you should try to create some loud noise. Try to place coins in a container or take a paper and slap it on a counter top. Use your imagination, but do not exaggerate!

    While howling is natural, it can be a nuisance for neighbors. And for yourself. All of these methods are safe, and will help your dog stop howling. Remember though, that training a Beagle not to howl can result time-consuming.




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