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    How to Stop a Pug Puppy from Biting

    Articlegeneral dog adviceFriday 29 November 2013

    Pugs are small, stocky, square, thickset dogs. These friendly, silly dogs make great pets and are perfect family dogs.

    Sometimes seem silly, sweet and friendly to children and adults alike. They may, however, cause their owners embarrassment because of their frequent gassiness.

    Their funny qualities aside, pug puppies aren't immune to biting and chewing, issues common in many young dogs. It is crucial to stop this kind of behaviour, so it does not continue into adulthood.

    If you are interested in learning how to stop a Pug puppy from biting this is the place to be!.

    Provide your Pug puppy with lots of small rubber toys to satisfy its need to chew and bite. Pugs have small mouths, so purchase toys they can wrap their jaws around. Praise them when they chew on appropriate toys in order to reinforce good behaviour. Stop your pug puppy from chewing on your fingers!

    Pet owners may hesitate to stop this behaviour because it's cute and it doesn't hurt but allowing it to continue, can make your Pug think it is an acceptable behaviour to bite and chew on you. Make a loud sound when your pug bites you. Even if it doesn't hurt, a startled, hurt sound will help the Pug reallise you don't like biting and that it's bad.

    If your Pug is biting an object that isn't a toy, you can use a dropped book, gong or other noisemaker to distract him and remind him that biting is bad.

    If aversion noise therapy doesn't work, use a deterrent spray on items that the puppy continues biting. The displeasing taste will train him to stop biting objects. Replace the negative biting object in the pug's mouth with a positive biting object, like a chew toy. Say "No!" when you take away the negative object, and then praise her when she starts playing with the toy.


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    How to Stop a Pug Puppy from Biting


    Photo: dog-breeds.findthebest


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