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    How to survive a dog biting and attacking you

    Articlegeneral dog adviceTuesday 07 May 2013
    Unfortunately dogs can be dangerous animals especially if trained to be so by a bad owner. We have to get over the fact that there will always been bad owners in this world so have to prepare what to do in terms of a dog attack. Even the most peaceful dogs could develop a health issue and turn violent. There are some tips you can take however to try and prevent an attack from happening.
    ·        Avoid smiling to an angry dog. Even though you may see this as a friendly gesture a dog simply sees teeth and that you are ready to fight. Therefore you should try to keep your mouth closed.
    ·        Some breeds have been known to be more vicious than others. While this is relatively true, never take it for granted. Any breed can be trained to be vicious and some dogs may be more naturally inclined to be angry. Of course like humans, dogs are individually different and some will have different natures to others no matter the size, breed or owner.
    ·        Dogs tied up or on leads are more likely to be aggressive. You should therefore stay out of the area where these dogs are located. They are frustrated and more likely to attack.
    ·        You need to ascertain whether the dog is attacking or playing. Some dogs may just be extremely protective of their territory and others are truly there to attack you. If a dog approaches you with its body curving or jumping a lot then it means it may want to play. On the other hand a dog whose body is straight and stiff means it is lining up for a fight.
    ·        You should aim to have a block. Something lying around if possible such as a stick, a bag or even your shoe. You need something that is similar to the size of the dogs mouth. This can provide security to you and at least time for help. You should never try to hit the dog with a stick as they have strong bodies and will be able to take this. It is much more useful to use the stick as a distraction.
    ·        You need to remain calm. There is a little truth that dogs and other animals can sense fear. The moment you start to threaten or run away is a bad problem and dogs will pounce on you ever more confident in their attack.
    ·        Running away should be the last thing you do. This can enable the dogs hunt and prey instinct that they use to catch animals. This can happen to even a friendly dog. Dogs can outrun humans and some dogs can even outrun bicycles.
    ·        You should try to assume a non threatening position. By facing the dog you are in an attack mode. Stand sideways but keep the watch of the dog through your eyes. Calmly try folding your arms to keep your hands protected and if you cannot to do this then stand with your arms by your side with clenched firsts to protect your fingers.
    ·        Dogs have short attention spans so hold your ground and stand there for as long as possible.  Do not threaten the dog but let it come near you. It may be interested in sniffing you and taking a closer look but more often than not, it will not bite. After a while it may disappear elsewhere.
    ·        Vital areas to protect are your face, chest and throat. Other areas of your body have together skin and will be able to take more damage.
    ·        If the dog is biting then try to confuse it with clothes. Dogs consider everything a human has on them to be part of the body. Therefore if you give it part of your sleeve or bag then this could give you vital time to confuse it.
    ·        If the time has come where the dog is attacking you and you have tried all you can do then attack back using your full force. Dogs will make bites and then often pull and tug. This can cause serious damage. You are more than likely going to weigh more than the dog so attack using your full body weight and try to take down the dog. Use your elbows and knees to apply pressure on the dog and break its bones. Of course keep your face out of reach of its bite.
    ·        If you have access to water such as a hose then use this to spray and put off the dog. Pepper spray also works.
    Extra Notes:
    ~ If there is more than one dog acting aggressively then this guide is not as extensive and may not help. You will need to do further research.
    ~ Any wounds should be seen immediately by a vet as you may have been infected by rabies.
    ~ Contact your local police and animal protection group so you can report the incident officially. This can prevent similar problems from happening in the future.
    Source: Wikihow
    Photo: Hanumann


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