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    How to take your dog’s temperature

    Articlegeneral dog adviceMonday 27 June 2011

    The normal body temperature for a dog is between 100.5°F to 102.5°F (38°C to 39.2°C). Body temperature over 104°F or under 99°F indicates an emergency situation and you should contact your vet for advice.

    To measure dog’s temperature you need either a digital or mercury thermometer for rectal use only. Although you might use both, plastic or glass thermometer, the plastic one with a digital readout is easier to use and remember that it needs to be waterproof for cleaning easily. Never swap human and dog’s thermometer!

    Taking temperature might be easier if your dog is focused on another person or treat at the head end. If your dog is standing be careful it does not sit down on the thermometer.

    Learn how dogs regulate their body temperature here.

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