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    How to Train a Border Terrier Puppy

    Articlegeneral dog adviceSunday 29 September 2013

    Border Terriers are very intelligent animals so training them should not result difficult. However they are quite stubborn animals sometimes so you should bare it in mind. Read the article below to know the basic steps on how to train your Border Terrier puppy on your own.

    First of all, grab your puppy's mouth as a training mechanism to eliminate his desire to nip. Remember that all puppies like to chew on objects and Border Terriers likes to nip, especially at people when passing, playing or even during times of affection. Whenever your puppy starts to nip, carefully grab his bottom jaw while holding down his tongue. Remember to comment what you are doing by firmly saying ‘no’. 

    Once your Border Terrier puppy calms down, follow up with ‘good dog’ or treat. You can try clapping or squirt the puppy with a water bottle. Not nipping this action in the bud can lead to potential problems when the Border Terrier is an adult.

    Remember that when your Border Terrier is still a puppy you should teach him what it might do and what it must not do in order to prevent the inappropriate behaviour. Each time your dog does something wrong, raise it up to an eye level and say ‘no’ in a firm voice. 

    Border Terriers might be stubborn and sometimes like to take over control. Their tendency to growl should be controlled since he is still a puppy as by allowing such behaviour you make your puppy think that he is the boss. Such situation might result later on in aggressive behaviour when the dog grows up.

    Take your puppy outside to play. Border Terrier puppies enjoy racing around and hiding under furniture. It might be dangerous to everyone in the house as it might get tripped over and result injured. Once your Border Terrier puppy starts to act this way, take it outside to play in the garden or go for a walk to the park. As the time passes by, your dog will associate outdoors as its play area. 

    Try to crate train your Border Terrier puppy. You should keep it from going to the bathroom in your house while you are sleeping or when you are away. The crate will teach him that if he eliminates indoors, there are consequences, such as having to lie in your waste. Take your puppy outside immediately upon releasing him from the crate and after he eats and wakes up. You might read an article dedicating to potty training your puppy.


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